Our purpose and beliefs

The team at Make Real are pioneers, explorers and innovators. Our purpose is to inspire, immerse and enable people to grow – at work, at home and on the move.

We believe that immersive digital products are transforming the way we work, play and learn. We make virtual reality experiences, augmented reality devices, collaborative ‘serious games’ and other tools that support new types of work, play and learning.

Smart learners, collaborative innovators and self-directed humans are the work-force of the future. We’re here to help organisations serve them, here, now and into the future.

Our depth of experience

The founders and leadership team come from full-flight simulation, AAA gaming and web development backgrounds, providing a unique approach to learning design. Make Real was established to grow into the immersive digital product market.

Our leadership team has established strong relationships with a range of specialist partners in hardware and software development including Oculus, HTC, Sony and Unity as well as partner studios specialising in 360º film, 3D modelling and custom electronics.

Jane Burgess


Following a successful career as Managing Director of a FTSE 100 data business, Jane now Chairs Tech and Media boards. She has experience of raising finance, scaling businesses and building and mentoring successful teams.
Jane's guidance and support is pivotal in the growth of Make Real and our relationships with new partners.

Robin Scott

Managing Director

As a founding partner, Robin has spent the past ten years building Make Real into what it is today. He has a lifelong passion for the use of technology in communicating ideas, learning and brands.
Prior to founding Make Real, Robin has worked in the gaming industry and even worked with large aerospace companies to build visual systems in the simulation industry.

Ben Dykes

Client Services Director

As a founding partner, Ben has spent the past ten years overseeing Make Real’s big picture. Being commercially minded with a technical background, Ben brings the strategic thinking to projects.
Prior to founding Make Real, Ben started his career in the world of Military Flight Simulation as an Engineer at Evans and Sutherland, one of the most pioneering computer graphics companies.

Clare Martindale

Finance Director

As finance director, Clare informs company strategy and keeps a close eye on all aspects of the financial health of the business.
Clare trained in accountancy practice where she gained exposure to a wide variety of clients and businesses. Once becoming ACCA qualified, she moved out of practice to finance roles within SMEs.

Sam Watts

Director of Immersive Technologies

Sam is our leading evangelist for immersive technology and validation of their use cases within enterprise, entertainment and location-based installations. Fostering relationships and partnerships with all leading hardware manufacturers keeps Make Real and our clients and partners ahead of the game. Internally Sam runs and heads up our R&D team, The Drawing Board and maps our external comms to drive awareness of activities.

Sam is a passionate commentator on the emergence of xR, regularly speaking at industry events.

David Lyne

Development Director

With an immense wealth of digital product development experience across diverse sectors, Dave possesses strong creative insight into how technology can immerse users. He ensures that our products are about the ‘experience’ rather than the technology.
Over his fifteen years in technology, Dave has solved many complex challenges involving projection, head-mounted displays, networked tablets, AR (Augmented Reality), VR, 3D models, environments and a range of game-based interaction models.

Geoff Cullen, Creative director, king of all things immersive

Geoff Cullen

Creative Director

Ever since he can remember, Geoff has made games. As our design lead, he works closely with clients to design products that embody our mantra of “serious fun’.
Before Make Real, Geoff has held senior production roles at Disney where he worked on a series of award-winning triple-A titles including Split Second and Pure. He is also responsible for developing young talent here by establishing an Immersive Digital Product Design apprenticeship.

Sophie Costin

Head of Learning Design

Sophie has a proven track record of designing solutions that deliver real impact through behaviour change. Over the last 10 years Sophie has worked with some of the world’s largest companies to help them define their learning needs and create interventions that help overcome them. With a background in learning consultancy and design, over the years Sophie’s worked on award winning courses using immersive technologies, serious games, classroom/digital blends, drama video and animation.

Ryan Timpany

xR&D Designer

Matt Garland

Immersive Designer

Alan Stewart

Immersive Learning Designer

Michelle Ames

Head of Delivery

Dino Dini

Senior Developer

Nicola Birtwistle

Senior Developer

Nicola has worked as a Researcher at the BBC on programmes such as Tomorrow’s World and Child of Our Time, as well as on top grossing mobile games such as World of Warriors. In addition, she has developed apps and games for the Microsoft HoloLens, PlayStation 4, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift and has a Masters degree in AI and Robotics. The common underlying thread is a love of and a drive to work with the latest technology.

Could This Be You?

Senior Unity xR Developer

Andrew Noon

xR&D Developer

Harrison Perry

xR Developer

As a recent computer science grad from King’s College, London, Harrison joined the Make Real team after meeting at an Oculus Rift + Touch Hackathon. The team are very pleased we hired him to help us produce engaging products, saving him from a life of drudgery as a mobile phone sales assistant.
Whilst at university, Harrison convinced his dissertation supervisor that Unity was a better home for his final year project, focused on AI.

Sam Roach

xR Developer

Steve Leney

Senior Artist

With over twenty-five years experience, Steve is a veteran in game design. He’s been behind many successful projects and held senior and leadership roles at Mindscape, Bullfrog, Electronic Arts, Criterion Games and Relentless Software.
Steve’s advanced knowledge of 2D and 3D art production ensures projects are planned, and delivered to the standard Make Real is proud to produce.

Could This Be You?

Senior Technical 3D Artist

Emily Kelly


Emily graduated with a degree in Game Art and after a series of freelancing jobs, is exploring the world of VR. Having joined Make Real initially as a contractor to work on Loco Dojo, Emily has returned as a full time Make Real employee.

Becky Gibson

xR&D Artist

Always eager to experiment and learn something new, Becky enjoys testing the boundaries of creative technology and pushing the artistry of all projects.
After finishing a degree in Game Art Design, Becky joined initially to work on Loco Dojo, before working elsewhere professionally on multiple award winning VR and AR experiences and returned recently full time to Make Real.

Nisha Dhanani

Finance Administrator

With her core focus on the books, Nisha also lends her organisational skills to other areas within the business, helping with project scheduling, events planning, asset management, HR and the general day-to-day running of the studio.


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