Providing a mixed reality learning solution for the Australian building and construction site manager training industry.


After the successful installation of the ‘ACT-UK’ (now known as ACUA) at Coventry University, the ‘Building Leadership Simulation Centre’ (BLSC) in Melbourne, Australia contacted us to look at creating a similar installation at their new training centre.

The construction site manager training simulator provides a mixed reality environment to learn about technical, personnel and procedure handling in a safe, controlled manner.


It became apparent that whilst the ACT-UK content installed offered a greater immersion for training, the UK-based 3D content wasn’t offering enough presence for the learnings – since it was showing construction techniques different to Australian standards.

To overcome this issue, three new main environments were created for BLSC, with the accompanying training scenarios updated to reflect common barriers to development related to Australian construction processes.

The main challenge associated with this was the need to recreate the real world environments during actual construction taking place, without the expected provision of 4D BIM data. Therefore weekly onsite photographs and architectural drawings and plans had to be used instead for reference material to create the models from.


Since opening BLSC in Melbourne, Australia in 2014, over 60,000 construction site managers and trainees have passed through their doors annually, tracking a 90% reduction of onsite incidents as a result. Similar centres are expected to be opened throughout other key regions of Australia over the coming years, to meet the rapid growth in demand for highly trained, effective construction professionals.

Make Real has since upgraded the system to operate from a single high-end Windows PC running a multi-channel single application built via the Unity engine, removing the ongoing costs associated with high-end simulation software licences, whilst maintaining the rock solid 60fps required for training.

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