EDF Energy challenged Make Real to create an arcade-style game to teach players about elements of a Reactor


Utilising HTC Vive headsets and the two motion controllers, learners use virtual hands within the virtual scene to pick up and inspect each component piece of the primary circuit, such as the reactor core, steam generator and pressuriser, before connecting them together to form the complete circuit.


EDF Energy challenged us to create a suite of products to support their team in delivering an interactive, engaging learning experience to provide all employees – not just those working at nuclear power stations – with a basic understanding of nuclear reactor theory and the fundamentals of the EPR (European Pressurised Reactor or Evolutionary Power Reactor) systems.


The UK government chose to showcase the experience at one of their five technical colleges.

Reactor Builder has also now been repurposed as an asynchronous experience as part of the EDF Energy “Pretty Curious” touring studio, designed to encourage young girls to take up STEM subjects at school.

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