EDF Energy challenged Make Real to create an engaging serious game teaching players to learn how to run a Nuclear power station.


Reactor Runner is a ‘serious game’ built as part of the learning program for EDF employees. In this, players work as a team of 3, supporting up to 4 teams int total, against each other. Players learn to run a nuclear power station in an 18-month cycle, which plays for around 10 minutes.

Each gameplay session requires each team member to take on the role of Plant Manager, Primary Circuit Operator and Secondary Circuit Operator.

Reactor Runner teaches colleagues to work together; to communicate, educate and encourage each other. It reinforces the theoretical learning related to nuclear power station operations in a fun, collaborative and competitive method.


The game had to be fun, collaborate and compete for players, The game had to be fun, collaborate and compete for players which it itself can be a challenge. We spent time learning each role to ensure we knew enough about the process, and then extracted ways in which we could gamify often considered mundane tasks.

Another challenge was ensuring the barrier of entry for users wasn’t too hard. Players in their daily role often wouldn’t have any understanding or expertise to run a Nuclear power station, so the game couldn’t be too hard for players to understand and ultimately disengage.

A bespoke, ad-hoc network system was created to enable the instructor to control the gameplay sessions, allocation of learners to teams and end game results feedback across all 13 Android tablets.


With Cannington Court operational since May 2015, Make Real’s products have helped EDF Energy’s team deliver foundation learning to many employees with significant impact.

The product has been particularly warmly received, resulting in Make Real partnering with EDF Energy to create a stand-alone single-player arcade-style edition. A robust, public-facing installation is playable at the Glasgow Science Centre’s ‘Powering the Future’ exhibition along with a secondary lite edition installed at EDF Energy Cannington Court for visitors to enjoy.

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