Create a gamified learning solution to empower EDF Energy team managers with greater task planning and prioritisation skills.


EDF was looking to increase retention and engagement amongst their team managers within the support teams, by building skills in task planning and prioritization. They found that traditional training in task and project management wasn’t empowering their managers sufficiently, and some form of practical experience to complement the theory was needed.

As a result, we designed the serious game “The Prioritiser”, to challenge staff to operate for a virtual week of scheduling and planning.


The learning solution was to be provided at Team Manager’s desks, which could involve low/mid-specification thin-client PCs meaning the 3D capabilities were limited. Short timeframe for development with relatively small budget meant streamlined, Agile development was crucial to a successful delivery.

The team management software was complex with many states to replicate, to ensure relevancy and purpose for the training outcomes.

This had to operate within the Moodle LMS environment, pulling in all users data to form the competitive leaderboard support.


EDF Energy has reported qualitative and quantitative impacts resulting from the gamified experience. Amongst these are improvements in knowledge transfer and retention, highlighting the effectiveness of the products.

The leaderboard and score-based results provided a challenging yet competitive element to the learning solution, creating a buzz and a “have-one-more-go” mentality whilst focusing on learning by doing, the EDF Energy mantra.

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