Make Real Gestures to Safely Land Helicopters


Following on from our initial gesture input mechanism developed for Rear Guard, our vehicle reversing operatives training application, our new HeliWave demonstrator shows the extended range of natural arm and hand movements possible with fully tracked VR controllers.

Designed to provide immediate visual feedback to the user, correlating real world movements to a specific set of marshalling signals necessary to  safely guide the helicopter to land on the pad with the reduced risk of injury and expensive errors during training.

Scoring provides encouragement for improvement and repeat usage to effectively increase learning outcomes.


Make Real was approached by a potential client with a need for such a demonstrator to showcase at an event overseas within a very short timeframe.

Using our system created for RearGuard, our R&D team The Drawing Board was able to put the demonstrator together in a matter of days for deployment.


So far the demonstrator has been showcased at a couple of events in early 2019 already to great reception from attendees indirectly and directly related to the fields of training and helicopter marshalling.

It has been decided therefore that the full product viability review and assessment process will be carried out by the Make Real team, looking to turn this into a full training product for release later in 2019.

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