Recreate the popular Oculus Rift educational experience by Immersive VR Education for Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream and Oculus Go mobile hardware.


Having developed the original ‘Apollo 11 VR’ experience for full VR platforms, Immersive VR Education approached Make Real to create versions for mobile VR headsets, utilising 3DoF input controllers to recreate the cinematic and interactive journey.

Both companies have been at the forefront of the re-emergence of VR since 2014 and are experienced in the initially ever-changing platform tools and variety of development kits before platforms matured around commercial release in 2016.


The original project was completed by a mixed team of internal and outsource freelance developers. Make Real’s first challenge was to take the provided original final source code package and prepare it for mobile VR development by our own internal team.

The next challenge was to redesign all the menus and interactions for the interactive component, originally designed for gamepad input, to feel usable and compatible with the comparatively limited capabilities of either the Samsung Gear VR touchpad or the 3DoF input controller that now ships with that headset or the Google Daydream View headset by default. This required a considerable amount of experimentation and prototyping since, at the time, the 3DoF controllers had only just become available to VR developers.


Apollo 11 Mobile VR was submitted to the store in time for a wide-scale educational VR experiences promotion by Oculus for Gear VR.

Apollo 11 Mobile VR has been included in the Top VR Education Experiences list by the Head of VR Education at Oculus.

Apollo 11 Mobile VR has received over 150 reviews on the Oculus Gear VR app store with an average rating of 4/5

The original developers of Apollo 11 VR have commented that they are amazed that the mobile experience feels 1:1 with the full VR version

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