An immersive experience that covers common situations that occur in office environments. Such as training staff in vitality & resilience.


During 2018, the Make Real team delivered VR/AR knowledge transfer workshops for Lloyd’s Banking Group and developed a VR based soft skills training prototype so that Lloyds could assess the potential for immersive technology.

This prototype incorporated a number of specific enhancements to soft skills training such as emotive state feedback, gaze heatmap tracking and branching narrative dialogue trees, not previously possible with traditional methods.

In the time the prototype has been developed, Lloyd’s Banking Group have been investigating further uses of VR/AR technology within existing programs such as resilience training.

The core business objective of the VR Resilience trainer is to help delegates practice spotting the physical and conversational indicators of emotional resilience – (Survival, Performance, Burnout, Recovery).


One of the core challenges around developing the prototype and the main experience centered around the need to capture and convey realistic human avatar facial expressions and vocal content delivery. By utilising the latest front-facing depth cameras on iPhone X mobile phone handset devices, the team were able to live motion-capture facial and mouth movements of the voice actors, to create a real-time animation pipeline.

Within the experience, users must navigate workplace conflicts. It offered a chance for staff to deal with this in a virtual and controlled environment where situations could escalate and de-escalate depending on the situation.

By giving people the ability to practice in VR, the learning objective is to accelerate the users ability to spot the signs of low resilience and practice the application of techniques to mitigate those signs and therefore demonstrate improvement.


Whilst this application is currently undergoing embedding, further internal testing and external client review, initial feedback has been positive.

To maximise impact and enable the widest access across departments and employee teams, the full experience has been deployed across Oculus Rift full VR laptops, Oculus Go mobile devices and 360° desktop-mode for Windows-PCs, based upon the single standard codebase across all three tiers.

Soft skills continue to be a high-growth area of VR training for learning & development as many sectors embrace the benefits of the technology beyond typical maintenance trainers.

More client feedback and impact results will be provided here in the near future.

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