Create a fun, engaging experience to attract attendees at the Electronica Productronica event in Shanghai.


Using an exciting VR game to attract event attendees to the RS Components stand at an electronics trade show in Shanghai – making a real splash in the crowded electronics market.

The game world was designed to replicate the core focus of business for RS Components, with a futuristic 3D city created out of up-scaled electrical parts, such as heatsinks, transistors and LED diodes. The circular track represented the cables and wires transmitting the data, while attendees raced against each other in data ‘ships’.


RS needed a concept that would make their booth stand out from the competition.

A challenge was figuring out how the technology needed to run the experience would blend and fit into the overall booth design and physical space. We worked closely with the booth building team to ensure that limitations and requirements of the hardware, such as lengths of cables, power supply and heat dissipation were factored into the design, to ensure that 100% operation time over the five-day event would be assured.

We were able to quickly understand RS’s focus, and overall business aims and goals; this meant we were able to leverage the budget effectively and meet tight deadlines.


Feedback showed that the experience was extremely well received: it was one of the busiest booths of the show with high footfall and generated large volumes of press attention in China, raising RS Components profile as a new company to look out for in the region.

The success in Shanghai resulted in RS Racer being taken to the European follow-up show in Munich, Germany at the end of the year, where it was updated with new brand logos and key sponsors. Once again members of our team were on hand for setup and operation during the event.

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