Vodafone challenged Make Real to develop a scalable solution to raise awareness around the risks of working at height


Vodafone approached Make Real, via one of our traditional learning partners Lumesse, to create an immersive experience around raising awareness of the dangers and risks of working at height, as part of a wider organisation desire to reduce fatalities on the job.

One of the key objectives was to ensure that the experience could be deployed at scale across the globe at various headquarters, training centres and Vodafone internal-facing events.

The other main objective was that the end user would be Vodafone employees across a range of departments with varying knowledge of the telecoms industry and specific area of mobile phone mast maintenance, and so had to be simple to use and operate.

If you have an Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR device, you can try the Vodafone ‘Working At Height’ experience for yourself here.


The immersive experience had to be designed to be scalable across full and mobile VR platforms, as well as the internal Vodafone University Learning Management System. Without wishing to re-invent the wheel for each platform strengths and weaknesses, a design was considered to ensure that the strength of the experience was relevant, no matter how deployed.

The mobile VR version was expected to be the widely used due to the relatively lower cost of the hardware, since the release of the standalone Oculus Go headset, and so it was desired to be deployed to be publicly available as well as internally. This provided a unique challenge to be accepted on the Oculus Store, as part of the content suitability and curation process but was accepted by the Store Team as a provided a unique and valid experience for all users.


User reviews on the Oculus Store and from internal use cases include:

“It really shows the potential for these kinds of applications.”

“As a newly qualified telecoms engineer, this app helped me prepare for the dangers of working at height.”

“A very good interpretation of a common training experience.”

“I think there is a real opportunity here to practice how to do something in a safe, controlled environment before applying it in the field.”

“People have lost their lives in Vodafone working at height so anything we can do to reinforce our safety culture has my full support.”

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